How to get involved
We wouldn't be a DAO without your involvement. Here's how you can help.

Want to chat with the SW DAO team and community?

  • Join our Discord and introduce yourself via the #introductions channel.
    • Consider posting: Why you are excited about SW DAO and what you hope to contribute to the community.
  • Contact our team on Twitter or Discord and get on a 1:1 call. Learn about their experience with SW DAO, discuss your background, and how you can help.

Do you actively trade?

  • Post a chart in the Discord #market-analysis channel and discuss the current state of crypto markets.

Do you like to read and write code?

  • Review our open-source GitHub code and submit corrections in reward for compensation
  • Fork our repositories and build something cool. Be sure to tag us in the final product!

Have an idea for a new financial product?

  • Pitch the idea in #products-general channel on Discord, if there’s some traction - consider drafting up a full governance proposal to be reviewed by the Team

Want to help SW DAO grow?

  • Post all your novel marketing ideas in the #marketing-general Discord channel
  • Share our website, Twitter, and Discord​
  • Use our trading products and brag about the performance of your portfolio to your friends
    • If they are Passive Incooooomers then also tell them about the monthly cash dividends you get for holding SWD

Feeling artsy?

  • Create a meme relevant to SW DAO or crypto trading and post in on Twitter, and in our #memes Discord channel
  • Post a photo of the SW DAO logo in the wild and upload it to our Discord, or Twitter and tag @SW__DAO ​
  • Draft a graphic for SW DAO to use on social media and post it in the #design Discord channel

Want to invest in SW DAO?

  • Buy our token on 1Inch

Are you an influencer?

  • Get in touch with our team via Email to discuss collaborations

Can you speak multiple languages?

  • Reach out to a team member on Discord to discuss document translation opportunities

Want to grow your personal stack of crypto?

  • Subscribe to our algorithmic trading suites on StackInvest to help your portfolio grow
  • Use our DeFi products and let us grow your stack!