Passed SWIPs
Our community has voted on and accepted these SWIPs to be implemented.
​SWIP-01 - β€œShould the monthly SW DAO dividend be paid out in SWD tokens or USDC tokens?”
  • 76.37k SWD with 91.78% voting for USDC
  • 6.84k SWD with 8.22% voting for SWD
​SWIP-02 - β€œWhat combination of assets should SW DAO provide as liquidity for SWD SushiSwap and Uniswap pairs?”
  • 48.05k SWD with 62.91% voting for 100% SWD-ETH Pairing
  • 28.32k SWD with 37.09% voting for 50% SWD-ETH & 50% SWD-USDC
  • 0 SWD with 0.00% voting for 100% SWD-USDC Pairing
​SWIP-03 - β€œβ€ŒWhat should SW DAO do with the performance fee captured from our algo offerings on MarketPeak?”
  • 44.65k SWD with 58.16% voting for 50% Dividend Pool & 50% DAO Treasury
  • 30.38k SWD with 39.58% voting for 100% DAO Treasury
  • 1.73k SWD with 2.26% voting for 100% Buy and Burn
SWIP-05 - "Do you approve of the following changes to SW DAO?"
​Polygon | ETH Layer 1​
76k SWD with 100% voting for "Yes" in support of:
  • The monthly USDC dividend will be airdropped solely via the Polygon network beginning on March 1st. February 1st will be a hybrid Layer 1/Layer 2 dividend airdrop acting as a grace period for non-bridged token holders. The dividend multiplier will be unaffected by all who bridge to Polygon. The 100 SWD token hurdle will be removed beginning February 1st for all Polygon network SWD holders.
  • SW DAO Treasury will convert 41.84% of total assets to ETH, 23.26% of total assets to SWAP, 23.26% of total assets to SWYF, and 11.63% of total assets to MATIC.
  • SWD token liquidity will be distributed 70% in a new Polygon Balancer Pool with SWAP/SWYF/ETH/MATIC, and 30% on Uniswap, Sushiswap, and Quickswap for SWD-ETH pairing.
​S​WIP-06 - "Do you approve of the following changes to SW DAO?"
68,615 SWD with 100% voting "Yes" in support of:
  • Up to $200,000 of DAO Treasury SWD tokens will be allocated for the MarketPeak LaunchPad event.
  • All proceeds raised from the MarketPeak LaunchPad event will be converted into SW Yield Fund.
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