Pixelmon Kevin Index
Kevin: The Birth of a New NFT Meme
Kevin, the newest NFT meme in town is surely one of the most famous digital collectibles to ever drop. You either find him ugly or cute but all we know for sure is that since his 3 ETH price at minting back in March there have been endless laughs surrounding this little guy and how much hype he'll continue having going forward!
Kevin's NFT Index is the first of its kind for the Pixelmon project, providing buyers and sellers with deep liquidity.
  • Buyers can purchase an entire collection without spending too much money
  • Sellers who own full digital art pieces can collect a yield via trading fees by submitting their artwork for inclusion in this index.
By purchasing tokens, you can invest in an original and unique piece of artwork. You will own a share proportional to the current market price as it fluctuates. Your purchase will give you the opportunity for profit should the market price go up!

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"Kevin: The Birth of a New NFT Meme"

Kevin: The Birth of a New NFT Meme - Asia Crypto Today
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  • Performance fee: 0%
  • Management fee: 2%
  • Buy/sell fee: 1%