Macro Trend
Our AI-driven Macro Trend strategy can help you capitalize on larger market trends.
SW DAO's original Macro Trend strategies seek to deliver significant capital appreciation through a long-short portfolio of strategies based on quantitative methods and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The strategy has a multi-year live track record of success, and we believe it can continue to deliver strong results for our clients.
The strategy takes advantage of larger market trends by actively trading crypto. This allows us to capture profits while minimizing risk. Since the strategy is rooted in AI, it is able to adapt and evolve as the market changes.

Strategies Available

Risk: Level 5 - Aggressive


  • Analysis of various datasets, ranging from market, blockchain, and sentiment to fundamental data
  • Development of a diverse set of short and long-term, alpha-generating strategies backed by machine learning as well as proprietary quantitative models
  • Live test of strategies and selection of best performers through proven risk metrics
  • Synthesis of strategies to a balanced portfolio with an additional AI-based portfolio and risk management layer
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