Earn a consistent and reliable income as part of the SW DAO ecosystem.
SW DAO Bonds - the perfect investment for those looking for consistent, reliable income. By locking up your new SW Index (SWX) token purchase for a set period of time, you can earn a yield on your investment. With SW DAO Bonds, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your money is consistently earning a fixed income.
So why invest in SW DAO Bonds? First, they offer a guaranteed return on your investment. You'll know exactly how much money you'll earn over the course of the bond, so you can plan accordingly. Secondly, they're incredibly easy to set up and manage. All you need to do is purchase some new SWX tokens, select the time period and then let our smart contract do the rest.

How SW Bonds Work

SW DAO bonds offer a simple and transparent way to earn a yield on your crypto investments.
By connecting your Polygon wallet to our dApp and purchasing the SW Index (SWX) token, you can sell back (deposit) your SWX tokens to the DAO in exchange for your initial capital back in SWD, plus an SWD token bonus.
All deposited SWX tokens will be time-locked for 2 years, earning a linear fixed interest rate. This means the income you expect is the income you get.
SWD tokens earned as a reward for depositing SWX, plus your initial capital outlay paid back in SWD tokens, are unlocked and able to claim daily.
With our bonds, you can earn a predictable return on your investment without having to worry about the volatility of the crypto markets.

Where is the yield coming from?

The interest earned on SW DAO bonds comes from the 6% of our tokenomics that was initially dedicated to Liquidity Mining. These 60,000 SWD tokens are being refashioned for their original purpose, just with a new name.
All of the tokens included in this program have already been set aside, and when all future tokens are claimed by current stakers, the bond pool not be able to be entered by new participants. The maximum yield that can be earned from these bonds is 40% as set by SWIP-07. However, the actual yield will depend on market demand.

Who are SW Bonds right for?

If you are looking for a dependable way to earn a yield on your capital outlay, then SW DAO bonds are perfect for you. With guaranteed capital outlay and a fixed yield, these bonds offer a great way to earn SWD tokens without having to purchase them directly on the open market.
With a preallocated SWD token outlay, we are only issuing bonds that can be satisfied, meaning that the yield you see on deposit day is guaranteed over the course of the term. This makes SW DAO bonds an excellent choice for investors who are looking for a safe and reliable way to earn a return on their investment.

Why are we issuing bonds?

Bond issuance offers a reliable way for SW DAO to deepen liquidity depth on DEXs. The idea behind bond issuance is that participants are incentivized to provide liquidity for a longer period of time, with less market selling expected to occur as soon as the liquidity mining program ends. This model also enables SW DAO to increase product TVL at the same time.
The bond issuance model was inspired by OHMs liquidity buyback model, which we initially sought to adopt instead of the traditional liquidity mining model. We believe that bond issuance provides a more sustainable and effective way to incentivize liquidity providers. We hope that this will create deeper liquidity pools on DEXs, leading to increased product TVL and a more efficient market overall.
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How SW Bonds Work
Where is the yield coming from?
Who are SW Bonds right for?
Why are we issuing bonds?