Monthly Dividend
Passive Incoooomers dream about this type of thing.
SW DAO Token holders are the lifeblood of our company. By holding SWD, they automatically receive a share of all profits generated by our many products and services. In our first 5 months, we've paid out over $80,000 in dividends to our holders via fees from on-chain asset management activity. With our updated launch, that number will only grow larger. So if you're looking for a reliable way to generate passive income, look no further than SW DAO!

Where is the dividend coming from?

SW DAO is generating performance and management fees from its investment products as well as spreads from market-making said products.
In addition, SW DAO is actively investing its treasury. This means that 50% of all capital gains will also flow into the monthly dividend pool.
50% of performance fees generated by our exclusive line of algorithms on MarketPeak are additionally passed through to the dividend pool as of SWIP-03.

How do I receive dividends?

In order to be eligible for a monthly dividend, all you need to do is participate in more than 50% of all governance votes in a month and hold SWD for longer than 30 days in your wallet.


Holding SWD for extended periods will increase your share of the monthly dividend pool. For every month after the first holding month, a multiplier of 0.1x is added to your share of the pool.
Let's say you were holding SWD for 6 months: This means that your share of the dividend pool will be 1.5x.
The maximum multiplier from holding SWD is 2x (>11 months holding).
Moving your tokens to a different wallet address will reset the holding time and thus, also the multiplier. Bridging your tokens from ETH to Polygon, or vice-versa will not affect your holding time.

Excluded Participants

Tokens of the SW DAO treasury, founding team, and private sale VC seed investors are excluded from the dividend.
There is no minimum token balance in order to be eligible for the monthly dividend airdrop as of SWIP-05.

Dividend History