SWD Roadmap
Here's what we have planned for SW DAO.


dApp Launch 2.0

Our dApp Launch 2.0 will address all of the concerns users had following our Beta launch. Our web developers are working hard at fixing every bug and ensuring a smooth user experience. We are planning a major digital marketing campaign to advertise the 2.0 launch and have a great Day 1 experience for every user.

DeFi Momentum Index (DMI) Launch

The public launch of our tokenized DeFi Momentum Index in collaboration with IndexCoop. This event will increase SW DAO brand awareness through the organic promotion of our products to IndexCoop’s 5 figure user base and 9 figure TVL. Internal research has been shown DMI to outperform ETH by 1.17x and DPI by 6.68x. We believe this performance comparison will be an attractive sell to existing DPI investors who may convert a portion of the 137M $ market cap of DPI over to DMI.

Tokenized Investment Strategies

Our Automated Investment Strategies that are currently on StackedInvest, in a centralized manner, will become decentralized via TokenSets. We will be bringing our Original SW DAO ETH/BTC algos, as well as Quantum Momentum ETH/BTC public first. Since the March 31st launch, Quantum Momentum ETH is +830% and SW DAO ETH is +780% over the past 1 year. Bringing these strategies to the public in a decentralized, tokenized manner means that any investor across the world with access to top public blockchains will get Wall Street-grade products all under self custody. The communities investment in these strategies will increase the SWD dividend pool and treasury fund size through management and performance fee generation, as well as market-making.

SWD Launchpad Offering

SWD token will be the first product offering on MarketPeak’s new Launchpad. This will expose the SW DAO brand name to thousands of new potential investors who are already using our exclusively licensed strategies on MarketPeak.

Polygon Development

Not everyone is ok burning $50 — $150 attempting to execute a transaction, and we understand that. Moving to Ethereums Layer 2 solutions will provide fast and cheap transactions for all our products and services without sacrificing any of the decentralization that Ethereum has to offer. While this will save you money by spending less on entry/exit fees, our treasury will burn less in their product rebalancing fees, meaning it’s a win-win for everyone.

Marketing Campaigns

Starting in January we will begin major paid ad spend with top crypto websites and search engine platforms. From revamping our website to be SEO friendly to hit those niche keywords, to influencer marketing, to being in those nagging banner ads on Etherscan, we will be there spreading the good word of SW DAO’s proven income-generating strategies. We are building out a major brand awareness campaign for traditional passive income and novel crypto communities alike.

Liquidity Mining

With the launch of our liquidity mining program, we will be actively incentivizing our community and additional DEX users to stake their own personal capital on our SWD pairs. By doing this we will have more liquid markets that allow for larger trades, less slippage, and more routing opportunities for members looking to buy or sell SWD or our tokenized products. In addition to increasing liquidity, this program will allow for the DAO treasury to remove currently locked up capital from DEXs and use them for growth-related investments.

Formation of Working Groups

Just like any other public company, DAO or not, we need structure and a hierarchy to accomplish operational tasks. As our DAO shifts away from the centralized manner it was launched from, it is important to have distinct branches of our DAO that oversee specific tasks and duties, and to be held accountable for such responsibilities. The segmentation of SW DAO into five distinct departments or “working groups” will better allow us to conquer complex goals that have many moving parts within.
We will be launching a Business Development/Institutional Sales Department, a Marketing/Community Management Department, a Web & Mobile Development Department, an Investment Research & Trading Strategy Department, and an Operations & Human Resources Department. All 5 departments will work in unison to accomplish the big plans we have for 2022. The budgeting of our DAOs treasury funds will be done by our supervising manager and the Operations Department who will then permit Department Heads to subdivide their budget to the department’s needs. Of course, as a DAO, all treasury budgetary manners must be approved by our DAO governance community first by holding a SWIP vote.


Buildout of Active Trading Arm

The build-out of our active trading arm will be under the supervision of our Investment Research & Trading Strategy Department. The active trading arm will be responsible for the research and development of new algorithmic services. This group will determine based on community feedback and market research what trading products and services are most relevant to our community base and to the industry at large.

‘Buy the Dip’ Tokens

An optimal strategy for long-term holders who don’t want to actively trade. The “Buy the Dip” tokens will be tokenized vaults of stablecoins that will only deploy when BTC or ETH dips below a certain threshold triggering a rebalance into the chosen token and out of stablecoins. This strategy is better than dollar-cost averaging as “timing the market” in crypto is better than “time in the market”.

Mobile App (Between Q2 and Q3)

One of the biggest investments our DAO will make this year. The development of a slick user-friendly Web3 application to house all the tokenized products and services we offer to anyone with access to the Apple App Store or Google Play store. This mobile app will be the only place you need to go for personal wealth management.

Exchange Listings

Our Business Development working group is currently engaging with several reputable centralized exchanges. The addition of SW DAO to well-known exchanges will increase daily trading volume through natural discovery on the platforms as well as open arbitrage opportunities between these exchanges and the DEXs we were first listed on.

AVAX, other EVM Chain Deployments

Increasing investor access by broadening our network accessibility is critical to the multi-chain world we live in. The toxic maximalism of chains produces no winners. Every chain is trying to solve the blockchain trilemma in different manners, it should be up to our users and the market to decide who is right, not some talking head on Twitter.


Solana/Luna Development

In 2020/21 Solana and Luna took the crypto world by storm. On days where the market was down, SOL & LUNA prices were uniquely the only ones higher. We cannot ignore the power of the market and the massive ecosystem investments that investors of all types have made into these protocols.
By bridging onto these protocols we will be able to leverage all the novel technologies these new protocols have and permit SW DAO to become a better lego piece in the DeFi building block world. From the world’s fastest decentralized markets to our tokenized investments being used as DeFi collateral, these cross-chain bridges will allow for SWD users to be amazed by the endless possibilities using an SW DAO product can mean for them.

DEX Options Market

In early 2021 DEX Options markets were launching left and right, and the truth is, many of them got nowhere. SW DAO will launch a DEX Options Market with deep liquidity that allows for advanced options strategies. Our market will let institutional and retail investors alike fine-tune their crypto market exposure. With the integration of our tokenized structured products to our own DEX Options market, SW DAO will offer unique investment opportunities only we have the ability to provide.


OTC Desk

Have a complex or oddly large specific trade you want to be executed? Want to write covered calls on your NFTs? We might be able to help. Our OTC desk will be there 24/7 for any of your personalized trading needs.