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This piece of generative art is built on the chaotic theory, using advanced mathematical expressions to create patterns.
This intricate design arises from a set of formulas called strange attractors that are able to plot millions of data points with light intensity over time as they observe structure arising out of chaos when running large quantities through their simulation; it produces unique and stunning results every single time!
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This is a series of generative art pieces built on Chaos Theory, merging advanced mathematical expression with aesthetics.
Plotting millions of datapoints with light intensity, we observe structure arising from chaos. This intricate pattern is produced using a family of formulas called Strange Attractors. A point in space is never visited twice but, as large quantities of data is run through the simulation, it produces unique and stunning results.
Gazing into these complex dynamical systems is mesmerisingโ€” like looking into a frozen slice of the unpredictable universe.
The pieces in this series have been produced by observing hundreds of such simulations and carefully selecting and embedding them into orbs. This is a collaborative effort between the brothers Mikkel Hartmann & Michael Flarup. Mikkel has a Ph.D. in experimental physics and Michael is an award winning visual designer.
Michael Flarup (@flarup) | Foundation
Chaos Orbs NFT Index is the first of its kind for Michael Flarup's artwork, providing buyers and sellers with deep liquidity.
  • Buyers can purchase an entire collection without spending too much money
  • Sellers who own full digital art pieces can collect a yield via trading fees by submitting their artwork for inclusion in this index.
By purchasing tokens, you can invest in an original and unique collection of artwork. You will own a share proportional to the current market price as it fluctuates. Your purchase will give you the opportunity for profit should the market price go up!


  • Performance fee: 0%
  • Management fee: 2%
  • Buy/sell fee: 1%


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