Stop worrying about short-term price fluctuations and focus on maximizing returns.
Our Buy The Dip Ethereum strategy is the perfect way to diversify your investments while others are fearful of short-term price fluctuations. Cryptos macro uptrend has been proven over the years and will continue into the future, so you can stop worrying about what's going on with hearsay - instead, focus all attention on maximizing returns by building your spot exposure! With an easy-to-understand approach that transparently shows where each dollar goes (and when), there won't ever be a need for guesswork again thanks to this simple but effective investment strategy.


The Buy The Dip's strategy is to convert 40% of new USD stablecoin funds into Ethereum when it drops by 20% from its marked all-time high and then converts 30% of funds again after another decline of equal measure from the place it last converted from, and finally, it's remaining 30% of funds after a 20% measured decline from the previous purchase location.

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What does "Buy The Dip" mean?

Buy The Dip is an old insider saying among Wall Street investors. It is a popular way to invest in markets where prices fluctuate and their long-term trend is positive. It means you should buy an asset when it has dropped in price.
The theory goes that, because we're living through economic boom and bust cycles, asset price volatility might be just seasonal fluctuations or temporary factors affecting asset prices, so buying low may mean you'll get higher returns over time.


  • Performance fee: 0%
  • Management fee: 5%
  • Buy/sell fee: 0%


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